What We Do


Sponsorship Program - For Girls to Attend Nazareth School

We are working to increase the number of girls transitioning to and attaining secondary school education. We do fundraising to sponsor girls, giving them the financial ability to attend 9th through 12th grade.

Nazareth School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia annually provides a unique opportunity to bright students from low-income families to attend 9th through 12th grade through sponsorships. We are partnering with Nazareth School to engage donors and create funds to sponsor qualified students.


The Process

The High School sponsorship process is a transparent, rigorous starting with the director of the school working closely with the local educational authorities.

  1. Students who have performed well at public schools are invited to take high school entrance exams (on all the basic subjects) at Nazareth School.

  2. Top performers on this exam are invited for interviews conducted by representatives of Nazareth School, past alumni, and minister of education.

  3. Based on the above criteria, students are selected for admission to Nazareth School.


  1. Are expected to sponsor a high school student for 4 years from grade 9 to 12. The sponsorship will cover uniforms, school materials and transportation.

  2. Are not expected but can go above and beyond to give more support based on the need of the students.